If your partner has discovered she’s pregnant, you may feel a sense of urgency to find a solution. It’s understandable if you are feeling panicked, frustrated, or overwhelmed. Still, the good news is that you’re not alone, and many resources are available to help couples with unexpected companies.

Health insurance companies typically limit plan additions to spouses, individuals in civil unions, or dependents. If there is no financial or legal connection between you and your girlfriend, it is unlikely that insurance will cover the cost of her abortion.

Additionally, abortion is illegal in Texas, so you would also need to factor in lodging and transportation costs if you’re considering traveling out of state for an abortion.

At The Pregnancy Help Center of West Houston, we provide free pregnancy services, including tests and ultrasounds, to help ease the financial burden of pregnancy.

Your First Step

Remember, finding a solution doesn’t have to happen immediately. It’s essential to be a calm and supportive presence for your girlfriend as you both navigate this decision. Because pregnancy can be physically and emotionally demanding, she is probably experiencing a similar, if not greater, level of stress.

To determine her eligibility for the abortion pill, confirm the pregnancy with a reliable test. Our office provides high-quality pregnancy tests, and we can assist your girlfriend in estimating the optimal time to take the test based on the number of days since her missed period.

Once the pregnancy is confirmed, we offer no-cost ultrasounds to verify the gestational age.

How Much Does an Abortion For My Girlfriend Cost?

In addition to traveling costs for an out-of-state procedure, other factors include pregnancy gestational age, whether it’s a medical or surgical abortion, the type of facility (in-clinic or a hospital), and whether or not the patient’s healthcare will cover the procedure. 

If the pregnancy’s gestational age is less than ten weeks, she may potentially be eligible for a medical abortion. Without insurance, medical abortions can cost up to $675. After ten weeks, surgical abortions are an option and can cost as much as $2500.

Where Can We Get No-Cost Pregnancy Health Insurance?

Your partner might be eligible for Medicaid assistance if her income is below a certain threshold. This healthcare coverage includes pregnancy and up to 2 months after birth.  

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The Pregnancy Help Center of West Houston offers free pregnancy services, including pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and options consultations at no cost.

Our center has an environment that offers resources and assistance without pressure or judgment.

We aim to empower you and your partner to have open discussions and make informed decisions based on the facts. Get in touch with us today!