There are two types of pregnancy scans that you may have: transvaginal and transabdominal. These scans are typically performed at milestone ultrasound appointments and confirm details like your gestational age.

If you’re pregnant and unsure of what to expect, understanding what each type of scan entails can help you feel more prepared.

If you’ve already taken a positive pregnancy test, our medical staff will schedule a free ultrasound appointment at our center.

What to Expect In a Prenatal Ultrasound

Early in your pregnancy, you may need a transvaginal ultrasound. For this, the ultrasound technician or sonographer will insert a lubricated wand-like tool into your vagina to get a clear view of the embryo. This is similar to having a pap smear – you’ll lie back with your feet up and remove clothing from your lower body.

If you’re further along in the pregnancy, the technician will likely do an abdominal ultrasound instead. They’ll spread the gel on your belly and move a transducer across it, using sound waves to create images of the growing fetus.

Both ultrasounds are painless and usually take around 30 minutes to complete.

When Should I Get a Pregnancy Scan?

Typically, people have an ultrasound at 12 weeks to learn the due date and gauge the size of the fetus.

Another ultrasound is available at 20 weeks gestation, which scans for 11 different physical conditions of the fetus.

At our center, you can get a scan earlier or later in your pregnancy.

What Can I Expect from a Free Ultrasound?

At our center, we offer free ultrasounds that allow you to learn crucial details about your pregnancy – the gestational age, the location of the pregnancy (to check for ectopic pregnancy), and whether the pregnancy is viable (has a detectable heartbeat and is progressing).

This information can be vital in helping you understand your options and decide on the next steps for your pregnancy. In addition to an ultrasound, this is also a chance for you to ask questions about your pregnancy and local resources in a safe, supportive environment.

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