While dealing with an unplanned pregnancy can strain a relationship, no woman should feel forced or pressured to have an abortion. 

If you have a positive pregnancy test and are curious about options other than abortion, read this article for practical steps to become informed and make a decision for yourself. 

Assess the Situation

Take inventory of where you and your partner stand. While it may feel like he is pressuring you to choose a specific pregnancy outcome (i.e., abortion), try to take a step back and consider the situation objectively to understand where he’s coming from.  Here are a few questions to consider: 

  • Is he willing to learn more about other options?
  • Is he demonstrating abusive behavior, such as verbal or physical threats?
  • Does he have a support network to help him healthily process this?
  • Am I willing to continue with the pregnancy, even without his support?

Your pregnancy affects him, too, so he may come from a place of fear or anxiety. If this is the case, giving him time and space to process the news can be helpful. 

However, if he is making verbal or physical threats, you should prioritize your safety before making any final plans for your pregnancy. Strategies like meeting him in a public place to discuss it or bringing a trusted friend are ways to protect you and your pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Help Center of West Houston offers free options education in a compassionate and nonjudgmental environment. Visit us to learn about all your choices for your unplanned pregnancy.

Get Informed

Whether or not your partner supports you, you, as the pregnant woman, have the sole legal right to determine the outcome of your pregnancy.

If you are open to alternative options to abortion, we can help provide information and local resources so you can decide with all the facts.

If you are uncertain whether to choose abortion, adoption, or parenting, you should start with where you are: first, gather critical details about your pregnancy with a free ultrasound

With this vital health screening, you can learn:

  • Your pregnancy’s gestational age to know which procedures you’re eligible for
  •  Your pregnancy’s location to clear you of any health complications such as an ectopic pregnancy
  • Your pregnancy’s viability 

At the same time, when you get an ultrasound, we can share information about local resources available to women who choose to parent or make an adoption plan.

Feel Empowered

You are not alone or without support! Here at The Pregnancy Help Center of West Houston, we provide pregnancy services to support women with unplanned pregnancies. 

In a confidential, pressure-free environment, we can provide pregnancy tests and services and connect you with local resources. 

We will meet you where you’re at and help you develop a pregnancy plan you feel confident about. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!