If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy you have options, but what does each option look like?

What Would Abortion Look Like For Me?

An elective abortion, which ends a viable pregnancy, is an extremely personal decision. Women usually choose to have an abortion if they feel their current situation or lifestyle doesn’t allow them to expand their family at that moment in their life. 

It’s important to speak with someone you trust, like a local pregnancy center, where you can get the answers and clarity you need without feeling pressured to make a certain decision. 

As with any medical procedure, it is important to learn all you can about it (risks, side effects, etc.) so you can feel confident in whatever decision you make. After having an abortion, some women find it difficult to cope, experiencing emotions of sadness or loss. 

You Owe it to Yourself 

You owe it to yourself and your overall well-being to learn all you can and carefully weigh your options in order to make the best decision possible. 

What Would Adoption Look Like For Me?

Adoption can be both a sweet and sour experience. A woman that chooses adoption understands that while it can be a beautiful thing, it probably won’t be easy. 

Women who choose adoption give a hopeful couple the ability to make their family whole, while also providing themselves with the freedom they desire. 

It’s Your Choice 

Did you know there are different types of adoptions? You can be a part of the child’s life as much or as little as you want, including remaining completely anonymous. 

The best part: it’s your choice how much time, if any, you spend with the child when put up for adoption. 

Who Can I Speak With About My Options?

Contact us today for a free appointment. We offer free pregnancy testing and free ultrasounds to verify your pregnancy. 

Pregnancy verification is extremely important when determining your options. This is because the options can change based on the age and health of the pregnancy. 

You’re not alone. We want to make sure that your health is protected and are here to walk with you on this journey.