Think you might be unexpectedly pregnant and don’t know what to do? Maybe you’re feeling pressure from others in your life to consider abortion. 

Take a moment to rest in the knowledge that you are not alone – and your pregnancy decision is yours to make. 

You have several options available to you in your pregnancy decision. Take a moment to learn all there is to know about each option – you deserve to have all the information to make an informed, confident choice.  

What Do I Need to Know About Abortion? 

Abortion may be often branded as a simple solution, but it’s important to recognize the reality that abortion is a serious medical procedure. What method of abortion is medically indicated for each unique woman’s situation depends on several factors, most importantly, how far along she is in her pregnancy. 

Medical Abortion

One of the most common methods of abortion is known as the abortion pill or medical or medication abortion. This is a two-dose medication process, taken over several hours or sometimes a couple of days. 

As of the writing of this blog, the use of this medication to terminate early pregnancies is only approved by the FDA for pregnancies up to 10 weeks gestation. As such, it’s vital to know how far along you are in pregnancy before pursuing the next steps. The abortion pill process has several possible physical risks, including incomplete abortion, infection, heavy/prolonged bleeding, fever, or digestive discomfort. 

Surgical Abortion

Another form of abortion is known as surgical abortion – this is an in-clinic procedure that is typically performed by a physician or licensed provider. 

There are several different types of surgical abortion procedures, the most common use medical instruments to scrape or lightly suction the fetus and remaining tissue from the uterus. Often some type of sedation is used during these procedures, and as a result of this and the more involved risks associated with surgical abortions, these abortions often have a higher monetary cost than other methods. 

Potential physical risks of surgical abortion procedures may include damage to the womb or cervix, uterine perforation, excessive bleeding, infection, and more. 

Is Adoption an Option for Me? 

Things have changed a lot in recent years – particularly regarding the host of adoption plans available to birth parents. 

Through a partnership with an adoption agency, birth parents can select a level of contact with their child (and their child’s adoptive family) that makes the most sense or feels the most healthy for them. This could include open adoptions (where there is a regular stream of communication and perhaps visitation between birth parents and children), closed adoptions (where there is no contact or visitation and identities are kept private), or semi-open adoptions (with some middle ground between the two). 

While it is healthy to recognize that adoption is not an easy choice and will most likely involve a host of emotions, from guilt or fear to relief or joy, it can also be an incredibly rewarding experience that provides both birth parents and children a chance at a healthy, happy future. 

Could Parenting Be Possible for Me? 

It’s understandable that parenting may seem incredibly daunting right now when you’re just finding out you might be pregnant. There are a lot of details, questions, and thoughts to consider on what this path might look like – or perhaps you have fears about providing for a child, coordinating childcare, or other concerns. 

There are a host of helpful, supportive resources available to empower you along the way. Choosing to parent can be challenging and life-altering, but it can also be the best adventure with the right support. 

If you’re not sure where to start, our professional team at the Pregnancy Help Center of West Houston is here to help. We are here to help you navigate your questions and concerns and empower you with accurate information and free medical services

The best first step you can take is to confirm your pregnancy and find out other key information that may inform what options are available to you. 

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