Perhaps you’ve had a previous abortion experience and just found out you’re unexpectedly pregnant. There are probably a lot of emotions and feelings you’re trying to process at once – you’ve walked this road before, but perhaps you don’t want to repeat it. 

Take a moment to take a deep breath, and remember you are not alone on this journey. An unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming, but help and resources are available. 

There are options outside of abortion. Understanding these options can help you have peace of mind to make a healthy choice confidently. 


You may have a particular view of adoption, but the process has changed significantly in recent years. It is essential to understand that choosing an adoption plan can be challenging, with incredible rewards and emotions. 

No matter what you decide, getting more information can help you make an informed choice. Three types of adoption plans are common today: 

  • Open adoption: In this plan, you (the birth parent) can have regular contact with your child and the adoptive family. Together you and the adoptive family coordinate the details — how frequently you connect and the type of communication you prefer. This plan is an excellent choice for those who want to maintain a relationship with their child. 
  • Semi-open adoption: This adoption plan is an “in-between” option, where you can maintain some level of contact with the child, but a third party, such as an adoption agency or attorney, coordinates your communication.
  • Closed adoption: in this type of plan, records and contact information are kept completely private. No contact exists between you (the birth parents) and the child. This type of adoption plan may be best for those who would prefer to maintain anonymity and confidentiality. 

Adoption can be hard but gratifying, allowing you and your child an opportunity for a healthy, happy future. It’s essential to recognize that while making an adoption plan can be emotional, you may find peace of mind discussing the details – and those conflicting emotions – with an adoption counselor or agency representative. 


Choosing to parent could seem daunting if this pregnancy was not what you had planned. However, this journey could be both a challenging road and a beautiful experience. 

Think through what you might need to feel secure and ready to parent. This may include financial factors, childcare, or other support systems in your life to assist you in your parenting journey. 

You don’t have to walk this path alone – many supportive programs and resources are available. At PHC of West Houston, our caring and compassionate staff is here to empower you in your parenting through supportive resources and mentorship. 

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